Clothing Choices

Your inner fashionista does not need to change just because you were diagnosed with IBD

Hitting the Open Road

Traveling with Crohn’s and Colitis

Food Choices – Diet Is Important

It is important to make good food choices for your digestive system

You have Product Choices!

For those of you with an ileostomy, please know that you have choices in the products that you use.

Our Story

Jamie and Jill were both diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in our 20’s – Jamie in 1999 and Jill and 2002.


You are the most important person in your healthcare plan. Take action and take the steps necessary.


We have compiled a list of our most asked questions, and we will continue to update as we receive more.


About Us

We were both diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in our 20’s-Jamie in 1999 and Jill and 2002. Jamie spent the first few years with ulcerative colitis on a variety of medications and being in and out of the hospital. In 2004, Jamie had a colectomy – the surgical removal of the colon – and an ileostomy-and over a dozen blood transfusions. Later that year, she had a second surgery to reconnect her small intestine and create a J pouch.

She thrived following the surgery until 2007 when she began experiencing symptoms and extra intestinal manifestations; this included Pyroderma gangrenosum and fistulas. Jamie has since been re-diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and has lived with an ileostomy since 2011. Jamie has a successful career, and she travels nationally with the Ashar Group LLC, as EVP of life insurance policy valuations, speaking in front of large audiences.

Recent News

Jamie on the KazCM Podcast

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Clothing Choices

The fashionista in you does not need to change just because you were diagnosed with IBD, although you might need to work a little harder to find the outfit that works best for you or as your weight fluctuates with the disease you might need to buy a few new...

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We know where every bathroom is in the Orlando area and have likely visited the majority of them. I could be a data source for Waze on how to locate the closest bathroom up and down the I4 corridor.  I know banks, convenience stores, restaurants, retailers, office buildings and which...