How did you know you had the disease?

We each were in significant pain, as well as had cramping and bleeding.

What type of doctor did you go to?

We think it is important to see specialists for any type of ailment. Because this was abdominal pain, we went to a GI (Gastroenterologist).

How did you pick your specialist?

We called and asked what percentage of the GI’s patients were Crohn’s and UC.

Is your diet limited?

We found that it is helpful to do a food diary. If you eat things that cause symptoms, stay away from them. There are some high fiber, difficult to digest foods that we stay away from.

Did you do drug therapy or surgical intervention?

We both started with drug therapy; however, the medications were not as good as todays, so we had to have surgical interventions. There are a lot of quality medications: oral, IV, and injectables that are in use today.


We are not physicians and not educated or licensed to provide healthcare advice or recommendations.

But we have lived with these disease for close to two decades and have survived and thrived with these diagnoses.

You or someone you love may have just been diagnosed, so we have created this site to pass along information we have learned to provide you with yet another set of resources. We also want to provide you with inspiration and motivation that you can get through this.

By no means should this information be taken solely on its own, as it is not medical advice. Always consult your doctor and other medical experts with any questions or concerns you may have.