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December 05, 2017 by Admin

EP022: Perspectives of a Life Settlement Specialist with Jamie Mendelsohn

Life settlements and life causes. Eric Kasimov welcomes Jamie Mendelsohn to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode they talk about the Life Settlement Market, The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and the Florida Gators.

Jamie Mendelsohn is the EVP of the Ashar Group in Orlando, Florida. Ashar Group is a life settlement and insurance policy appraisal company. Jamie is involved in joint work with CFP, CPA, Insurance Agents, Estate Planning Attorneys, Trust Managers and Banks. Jamie brings perspective of someone who helps advisors and families monetize existing insurance and annuity assets. She adds value to the firms she works with by providing education and back office support of the Life Settlement Market. And because of that, any business owner, insurance advisor, or individual can learn from Jamie.

Eric also questions Jamie on leaving your ego at the door, giving back, and advice for an up and coming insurance advisor. As always, Eric fires shots at his guest about the books she is reading, her most important phone app, and her favorite sports team.

The show is based around the perspectives of an entrepreneur and this entrepreneur is full of heart and expertise.

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