My Own Navigation & Waze for Bathrooms

May 14, 2018 by kmdg-admin

We know where every bathroom is in the Orlando area and have likely visited the majority of them. I could be a data source for Waze on how to locate the closest bathroom up and down the I4 corridor.  I know banks, convenience stores, restaurants, retailers, office buildings and which provides easy access or makes you feel like you are intruding. Urgency is a major issue for most people with IBD and we were no different.   When you are in a flare, the best coping disease I can suggest is get to know your environment and don’t let people intimidate you or limit your experiences because of fear of not making it to the bathroom. It is a real issue, I have kept spare clothes in my car for years, although I haven’t needed them in years, it is still good for my confidence to know they are there if I need them.  If you have a long drive, eat minimally and/or wear a pad. I wish I had discovered poise pads earlier in my disease.  They are thin not bulky and invisible to outside parties, but they will give you the extra few seconds or minutes you might need to find the restroom. If you are in a flare or feeling terrible try to limit long drives, make choices that keep you closer to the office or home, but still get out of the house and don’t miss out on experiences. If you need to carry a deodorizer, do it. if you need to carry your own toilet paper or wipes with you, do it. Public restrooms can have rough toilet paper, if you have a sensitive bottom, invest in your own and carry it with you. It is the little things that can make a difference.  Shopping in malls compared to boutique might be your best choice if you aren’t feeling great or in a flare. Malls have bathrooms located strategically for convenience.  Don’t wait for the emergency, try to be preventative, stop at the rest area, just in case..think ahead. It might take a little planning, but do it so you can feel good about hitting the roads.


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