You have Product Choices!

November 27, 2017 by Admin

For those of you with an ileostomy, please know that you have choices in the products that you use. You are not required to use the pouching system and ancillary items that you were given in the hospital. Try the various companies different pouching system and supplies, until you identify the ones that give you the most security and consistently in wear and comfort.

Depending on the type of stoma you were blessed (humor) with by your colorectal surgeon, you will need to identify if you need a flat wafer, convex (light or extra), and if you prefer a firm or flexible type wafer. I am a big fan of Coloplast and Convatec; although I have used Hollister in the past. I like the wafers from Hollister and Convatec; however, the bags/pouches from Coloplast are my favorite. I use a variety of their extended wear products and different pouch sizes and both pre-cut and self-cutting wafers. I like one piece and two piece systems, as well as clip on and adhesive systems. I prefer the opaque pouches with a filter that have the Velcro closing system. I know it can be confusing, so please ask questions to the DME (durable medical equipment) company you are using or your local distributor. There are ostomy nurses in most large hospital systems that you can make an appointment with during your hospital stay, as well as sometimes outpatient consultation options. Your colorectal surgeon might also have samples or contacts. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Even more than the pouching system, I am 100% committed to Eakin. I live by it and it is non-negotiable in my pouching process. If you have any issues with the security of your system or short wear times (less than 48 hours), it might be something you want to try.

There are a variety of adhesive removers and non-stick barrier sprays/wipes I have used and all have been effective. These are not items I would worry about the brand, although if your skin is sensitive there are some that are alcohol based and others that are not, so you can look for “Sting free” choices.

I use Edgepark as my DME company; however, there are other options that you might have locally or for your area that are less expensive or approved by your insurance plan. Edgepark’s customer service is helpful; however, their online system can be challenging to navigate, so I recommended calling when you have a question.

I am 100% committed to deodorizing drops or some type of agent to keep the sewer like smell of pouch emptying from happening. I am sad to say it took me 4 years of living with an ileostomy to make that simple action, and it is life changing for me and those around me. I use the Cardinal product currently, and it is not covered by my insurance plan, so you might need to shop aroundHollister M9 has also worked well for me.

Reach out to the companies and Ask for Samples. Take notes and record how your skin looks after use and the days of wear before you are required to change your pouch.


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